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Students in Temporary Housing NYC

Students in Temporary Housing NYC

The unparalleled ease and convenience offered by FamGroup makes it the absolute ideal service for students who are moving to the city to attend college. Young men and women who are moving to another city to study and pursue their dreams are in an especially vulnerable place, with the stress of leaving home, the stress of starting school and the stress of moving out on your own for the first time ever! On top of all this, young students are often a target for scams and dishonest renters, who are looking to rip you off. We known that being caught up in a situation like that can be extremely scary, even devastating. Shady characters will look for students who are seeking rental apartments for school and mislead the renter, misrepresent the property, book more than one renter for the apartment, or even just take your security deposit and disappear! These people are looking to profit from your inexperience, but with FamGroup behind you, you won’t have to worry about predators and dishonest business. With FamGroup, students are not alone in their big transition, and we do everything we can to be helpful advocates for you over the course of your move. FamGroup has your best interest in mind when helping you find a place to live, which is precisely why we offer such a large selection properties that are perfect for housing students throughout the school year, as well as apartments located conveniently near all the universities and colleges in the city. Because we known that safety is of utmost concern for new students FamGroup abides by very strict safety standards when selecting our properties. We know that safety is an especially crucial and important concern for young students moving alone to the big city for the first time, and even more than that, we know that your parents are probably freaking out! FamGroup is here to put your parents’ worries to rest. We offer rentals in shares where you can choose to live and share your space with other students; and we also have perfect studios and one-bedroom apartments in safe, but also hip and fun locations. With FamGroup, the student’s safety is a top priority. Many of our buildings have 24/7 doorman service, and all of our properties are secure and located in safe buildings neighborhoods. First time renters can rest assured that with FamGroup, they are getting quality, dependable service and a quality apartment in a safe location. FamGroup leaves no room for error when it comes to a students safety!



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