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Upper West

The Upper West Side is practically a living picture of historic New York, with probably the most remaining historic architecture and street details of any other neighborhood in Manhattan. The neighborhood, which extends from Central Park to the Hudson River and from West 59th Street to West 116th Street. Beyond 116th Street is an area called Morningside Heights, which is often considered a part of the Upper West Side as well, as is home to the city’s historic and elite Columbia University. The neighborhood boasts a ton of amazing prewar buildings and architecture which harken back to the old days of New York and the aristocratic families that populates the area, as well as beautiful 20th Century homes which at once represent old and new New York, as they were built after the area exploded with development with the introduction of trade and transport by the water, as well as train lines to connect upper Manhattan with the already developed downtown area.

The first co-op in New York City was built in the Upper West Side, paving the way for one of the most popular manners of home ownership in the city. Not until the 20th century did the Upper West Side reach its peak popularity, with the addition of Robert Moses designed Riverside Park as well as the famous Boat Basin. The 1960’s once again brought a surge in popularity and a new type of culture to the area, with the newly built Lincoln Center for Performing Arts bringing artists to the Upper West Side, as well as the introduction of Fordham University.