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Chelsea NYC

Chelsea is a diverse and highly desirable neighborhood in Manhattan’s West side, running from 14th Street to 30th Street on the North, and from Avenue of the Americas to West Street in the other. With its quaint streets, lush parks and adorable residential streets lined with historic architecture, Chelsea has a distinctly quaint and welcoming quiet neighborhood feeling. Once home to many factories and docks used for production and shipping, the neighborhood attracted many immigrants early on. Along with its more classic and traditional architecture, seen in its rows of brownstones and row houses nestled along its residential streets and avenues, recent years have brought a more mixed modern feel to the neighborhood with the addition of high-rise apartment buildings and co-ops.

The area is still home to plenty of classic locations and attractions. The classic architecture is in fact such an important part of the neighborhood, that Chelsea Historic District, a number of streets in the neighborhood, is considered such important examples of the time period, they are on the National Register of Historic Places. Chelsea houses many art galleries in converted warehouses and factories, and since the 90’s has experienced a shift of artist types moving from SoHo for the lower rent.The neighborhood has a distinct history of theater and music, and even early cinema.  Built in 1883, historic Hotel Chelsea has housed many famous people throughout history, and to this day continues the tradition of housing famous artists, writers and the like. Chelsea Market lives in the old NABISCO factory building, which was converted long ago into an open air market which today is a wonderful destination for gourmands and food lovers. Along the waterfront, Chelsea Piers is a large sports center that has brought fun and recreation to New Yorkers for years now.