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No Matter What you are studying!

No Matter What you are studying!

No matter what you are studying, the city has so much to offer in terms of extra-curricular activities, and FamGroup has apartments for students in all kinds of unique locations all over the city. When you work with FamGroup to find a place to live during college, we will work with you to learn about your interests and desires and find the perfect apartment in the perfect neighborhood to fit your lifestyle as well as your personality. Students come from all over the world to New York City, and live here while they study all types of passions from art, to business, to philosophy. Throughout history, New York City has been a place of inspiration for professionals of all types. To start with, the city is an extremely inspirational place for the artistically inclined. In fact, the thriving art community of this city is the perfect atmosphere for the bourgeoning young artist. Professional artists, amateurs and students alike participate in the city’s rich arts and culture community, which manifests in virtually every neighborhood in the city. However, it is true that certain neighborhoods are especially known for housing artists and providing more art and creativity related activity. FamGroup has great apartments in New York’s most artsy neighborhoods, including historic Greenwich Village with its down-earth musical venues and groovy poetry clubs. In SoHo, students can live among the upper-scale NYC art world, with hundreds beautiful small art galleries and showrooms in the area. For the student more inclined towards, say, business, there is no lack of available places. New York’s financial district is a bustling hub of commerce where young, aspiring businessmen and women can rub elbows with some of the most successful people in the world. In fact, the financial district offers wonderful upscale dining and nightlife, frequented by the big shots of Wall St. Study business while living down the street from the New York Stock Exchange and Goldman Sachs. For students interested in studying history or the humanities, New York City is a goldmine of fascinating historic landmarks as well as world-renowned museums. FamGroup has properties to choose from literally steps away from the beautiful Museum of Modern Art or the Museum of Natural History, both which house breathtaking and interesting shows and exhibitions year round. This is not to mention the fascinating history of the city itself, which can be found around every corner, in beautiful historic neighborhoods such as Hells Kitchen, Four Points and the Upper West Side with historic Central Park. For the student studying the psychology or anything in the humanities, there are endless opportunities for people watching and to meet some of the most interesting people in the world. Every day in New York is full of beauty and inspiration, making it the ideal place for anyone with a passion. Especially students. FamGroup knows the special qualities that belong to each and every part of NYC and will help you find a place catered perfectly to your taste.



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